7HerbMaya X-Term Capsule with Vigora Man Oil for Men, Capsule For Intimate Power, Oil for Massage, Improves Strength & Boost Energy


Provide Better Stamina, Provide More Energy, Better Performance, , This Capsule is very useful to increase Erection Time::This Capsule is very useful to increase Erection Time::X-Term Capsule is 100% Natural, So It Has No Side Effects::Vigora Man Oil can prove to be helpful in improving your night life::100% natural ingredients have been used in Vigora an Oil, so it does not have any side effects.

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X-Term Capsule strong libido enhancer and extremely useful in improving the feelings of Intimate desire in men and increasing libido. It is also a powerful sperm enhancer that significantly increases sperm counts and the Sensual power of men. The perfect medicine for male Sensual disorders like impotency, Early ejaculation problem, erectile dysfunction, etc. It is a strong curative agent for physical weakness and many related problems. It is also a useful medication for natal and postnatal problems. It is a strong vitalize and natural immunity enhancer. Vigora Man Oil is an Ayurvedic oil for male vitality. This specially formulated massage oil is a blend of multiple time tested, nourishing herbal extracts and oils. Shilajit supports and enhances male vitality, and vigor. Malkangani is an excellent nervine tonic. Jayphal and Javitri oils are stimulant and help to improve blood circulation. Akarkara and Lavang or clove oil are well-known natural local anaesthetics. Til oil and Coconut oil have soothing and muscle nourishing actions. Vigora Man Oil is safe for regular use when applied locally as indicated


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