7HerbMaya Jaitun Tail (Olive oil)- Moisturizes Skin, Baby Massage Oil, Keeps Healthy Baby


Easy Absorbing::Vitamin content. Olive oil contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K::Antibacterial effects.::Moisturizing effects.::Olive oil can be dabbed around the eye area at night or following sun exposure.::Safe & Gentle on Skin

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massage is beneficial. Massaging your baby helps you bond, get playful, and relax together. It also helps:

encourage more physical interaction
encourage more eye contact
your little one cope with baby anxiety (it?s a real thing)
calm down your baby?s stress hormones (yes, even babies have stress)
your baby relax and go to sleep (sometimes)
reduce crying (maybe)
Wait at least 45 minutes after feeding your baby. Massaging your little on a full tummy, Head, face Full Body.


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